32 - How to powder coat lead bullets DIY tutorial

In this episode I'll try to powder coat bullets the DIY way!

If you are in Europe and would like to try it out you can find the powders here:

But why make the effort of powder coating the bullets and make colored bullets?

Because lead bullets to lead up the barrel of the gun or rifle forcing gunman to spend lots of time in tedious cleaning operations.

Moreover, the lead tends to make a lot of smoke and smell, and finally exposing the shooter to lead contamination that, as we know, is not really the healthiest thing in this world.

Over time, many systems have been developed to prevent these problems, including full metal jackets, or grease and oil lubrication. Today, however, the powder coating of the lead bullet is a viable and economical alternative to prevent these problems, sealing the lead inside the thin coating of very hard plastic. Painting bullets has never been so easy!

So in this video we will use two different techniques for powder coating that do not require the use of  an electrostatic gun to achieve nice and colorful bullets, absolutely DIY.

What did we do:

  • cleaning of the lube from store bought lead bullets
  • mixing of the powder coat with acetone solvent
  • coating of the bullets with two techniques
  • baking in the oven
  • packing of the bullets in the casing

ep32 - 01 colored bullets
ep32 - 02 powder coated bullets
ep32 - 03 powder coating bullets
ep32 - 04 colored bullets
ep32 - 05 powder coating bullets
ep32 - 06 yellow colored bullets
ep32 - 07 green coated bullets
ep32 - 08 powder coat for bullets

Tags: metal foundry, forge, aluminum

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