28 - TIG welding on alluminum, what is it and how to do it

Custom Cez explains what is TIG welding and why it is the best for aluminum welding.

TIG, Tungsten inert Gas, where the Tungsten is the material of witch the electrode is made of and the Inert gas is the gas coming out of the torch's nozzle, commonly Argon.

The lens, the pink piece at the end of the gun that add a much needed feminine touch to an overly masculine design, can have different shapes and it affects the way the gas is dispensed onto the weld and the amount needed to shield it properly.

Here's how it works: the electrode is charged with enough voltage to create an arch with the part and enough amperage to create the heat necessary to melt the parts that need to be welded together.

Once you have created a little pool of melted metal we can start adding the metal filler to fill up the space between the two parts and strengthen the joint. You do need to get into the right rhythm, you add the filler and you spread it with the torch. If you get it right you'll get the sought after staked coin look, typical of this welding technique.

To join two thicker pieces it is ideal to bevel the edges to form a v shaped gap between the pieces to ensure a deep penetration of the weld. If needed more passages can be overlapped to achieve full filling of the gap.

But why the gas you might ask, well the inert gas is there to protect the meted metal from contacting the oxygen that would cause oxidation and as a result a week weld.



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Custom Cez explains what is TIG welding and why it is the best for aluminum welding.



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