17 How to apply gold leaf or silver leaf and use the "size"

Custom Custom Cez applies some silver leaf on his gas tank.

In this episode we explore the process of applying "gold leaf" or in this instance "silver leaf".

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Custom Cez builds a burnishing brush using a pencil, some cotton and a piece of felt for the "engine turn" technique. With the tool he proceeds to etch an engine turn pattern on the silver leaf. For the size (glue) Custom Cez has picked the "Fast dry gold size" from "1 shot", the project is pretty small so the quick drying time of this size is perfect.

Cez lays the size first and then the silver leaf on the design, once done removes the excess leaf with a make up brush.

Thanks to Jake from Barn Storm Cycles ( for the cool t-shirt and the awesome support!



What did we do:

  • Brushing on the size
  • Laying of the silver leaf (gold leaf)
  • Removal of excess leaf from the gas tank
  • Making of engine turn brush from scratch
  • Etching of engine turn pattern on the leaf

ep 17 01 gold leafing silver how to
ep 17 02 silver leaf engine turn
ep 17 03 gold leaf apply size
ep 17 04 silver leaf apply size
ep 17 05 silver leaf application
ep 17 06 silver gold leaf
ep 17 07 silver gold leaf brush
ep 17 08 engine turn silver leaf on motorcycle tank
ep 17 09 custom cez roma custom bike

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