Maker Faire Special and Tooteko for the visually impared

At the Maker Faire 2013 in Rome to meet the founder of Tooeko, an Italian company trying to bring art to the visually impared.

In this episode Custom Cez pays a visit to his old friend Fabio D'Agnano, an architect and a Professor at the Venice University of Architecture. He is the one that seven years ago gave Custom Cez his first CNC machine, without him this show probably would have never existed.


During the interview Fabio talks about his latest creation, made for the Italian company Tooteko ( with Gilda Lombardi e Serena Ruffato.

Tooteko is the system that transforms tactile models of works of art in speaking models. Tactile models are the way through which the blind and partially sighted people perceive the works of art. With this system, ingeniously built with inexpensive and readily available technology, the user can experience the piece of art without having to remove his or her hands from the model while accessing additional audio information.

With a system of proximity sensors placed inside the model and a set of wireless interactive headphones, the user can browse trough the additional information pertinent to the point in the sculpture he or she is actually touching.

We will keep you updated on the developement of this technology.

Since Fabio has always been a great source of inspiration for Custom Cez, chances are that soon we'll see him develop some accessory that involves technologies like arduino and raspberry pi into the bike... stay tuned!


ep13a-00 Tooteko special
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ep13a-02 makers fair robotic arm
ep13a-09 robot musician
ep13a-10 Rock robot guitar

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