13 Bike Assembly and First Bike Show for Custom Cez

We can finally assemble the Harley Davidson motorcycle and go to Custon Cez's first bike show.

It hasn't been easy but we made it!
After the engine's assembly in this two parts episode we get to put together Custom Cez's  Harley Davidson Softail del 91.


There is no lack of problems and setbacks that, after all, make the all process more exciting.
With the priceless help of Luca "FLATWLA" Vanno, Custom Cez will target all the left over details standing in the way of getting the bike to the bike show in Soratte (in the suburbs of Rome) for this epic event where Roma Custom Bike will attend as a builder for the very first time.


What did we do:

  • Creation of speedo driver for tachometer
  • Front wheel assembly with caliper and brake disk
  • Front one-sided fender support arm assembly
  • Front wheel axle installation
  • Oil tank installation
  • Powder coated engine support brackets installation
  • Carburetor manifold installation
  • Carburetor installation
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Drag pipes installation
  • Battery installation
  • Bike started
  • Resolution of problem with push rod leaking oil
  • Push rod adjustment
  • Rear tire assembly, brake disk, sprocket with spacer for 200mm tire
  • Rear wheel installation and adjustment
  • Rear wheel caliper installation
  • Brake test


For the occasion the all crew gets together, Luca Vanno and Janusz "Polsky Rage" Wilczek, with Custom Cez to represent the show
Lots of hot girls just like every decent bike show and many beautiful bikes and great bike loving people.

 What did we do:

  • Have fun
  • Check out the hotties


ep13 00 Custom Cez Bike assembly
ep13 01 Through the wheel Custom Cez
ep13 02 Harley Davidson front wheel assembly
ep13 03 Hard work and sweat
ep13 04 Harley softail oil change
ep13 05 harley fat tire 200 rear
ep13 06 Harley Davidson softail assembly
ep13 07 Harley Davidson fender assembly
ep13 08 Custom Cez and Polsky rage
ep13 21 Custom Cez Special parts
ep13 22 Harley Davidson front wheel assembly
ep13 23Harley Davidson front wheel assembly
ep13 24 Luca Vanno
ep13 25 Harley Davidson Evo engine support
ep13 26 Harley hard work
ep13 27 Harley CV Carburator assembly
ep13 28 Harley Softail oil filter change
ep13 29 Harley custom pipe installation
ep13 30 Harley Davidson exhaust installation
ep13 31 Harley softail start up test
ep13 31a Roma Custom Bike set
ep13 31b Bike assembly
ep13 32 Harley engine test
ep13 33 Harley evo engine push rod check
ep13 34 Harley engine push rod oring
ep13 35 Harley engine push rod oring
ep13 36 Pushrod cover removal
ep13 37 adjustable pushrod adjustment
ep13 38 fat tire installation
ep13 39 Harley brake assembly
ep13 40 drinking gasoline
ep13 41 Harley oil check
ep13 42 Harley Davidson fender assembly
ep13 43 Harley Davidson fender assembly
ep13 44 Harley Davidson belt buckle
ep13 45a rideing free
ep13 45b custom bike on highway
ep13 46 Custom Cez with black hills chapter
ep13 47 custom cez with hot models
ep13 48 CUstom Cez Luca Vanno
ep13 49 CUstom Cez and Polsky Rage
ep13 50 Polsky Rage
ep13 52 CUstom Cex and DJ Ringo
ep13 54 Hot babes
ep13 55 Hot naked girl body paint
ep13 56 wheely machine
ep13 57 Custom Cez and DJ Ringo from Virgin radio

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