07 Harley Davidson EVO engine rebuild - The take down

Custom Cez, with the help of Luca Vanno & Polsky Rage, takes down his Harley Davidson softail's EVO engine.

The cylinders and pistons need to be taken apart to be reconditioned so the guys decided to show step by step how to do it.

 What did we do:

  • carburetor disassemble
  • exhaust flanges disassemble
  • Rocker cover disassemble
  • gas tank supports removal
  • engine brackets removal
  • valves removal
  • heads disassemble
  • cylinders disassemble
  • pistons, piston pins and piston pin retaining rings removal
  • flywheel slack test

ep 07 01 Harley Evo engine rebuild
ep 07 02 Harley engine remova'
ep 07 03 cusrom cez luca vanno polsky rage
ep 07 04 Evo Engine in pieces
ep 07 05 harley evo pistons
ep 07 06 evo engine take down
ep 07 07 home shop harley work
ep 07 08 harley davidson evo cylinder
ep 07 09 harley engine evo pistons
ep 07 10 harley Davidson Evo enfine rebuild
ep 07 11 evo engine pistons rebuild
ep 07 12 Harley cylinder removal
ep 07 13 harley head removal
ep 07 14 harley davidson cylinder evo

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