06 Powder coating at home - Candy over chrome

In this episode Custom Cez preps and powder coats the rear wheel with a candy red over chrome.

An other example of powder coating, this time is a beautiful candy red over a chrome base.
He goes trough the entire process from preparation to spoke removal to paint stripping.
After a day of hard work he goes to meet a friend of the show (Luca Vanno) that claims to own a piece of Harley Davidson's history.

 What did we do:

  • rim preparation
  • paint stripping
  • rim wash and cleaning
  • ground and suspension wiring
  • powder coating
  • curing in the oven

Visit Luca's blog here to find vintage articles for sale.

ep 06 01 Powder coating at home candy over chrome
ep 06 02powder coating harley rims
ep 06 08 clean rims for powder coating
ep 06 13 spraying powder coating on rims
ep 06 15 Harley Davidson rims powder coating
ep 06 17 Custom Cez
ep 06 20 powder coating home made oven
ep 06 22 powder coated harley rim candy red
ep 06 26 Luca Vanno
ep 06 27 Luca Vanno

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