05 Powder coating at home, how to, tips and tricks - The fender

In this episode Custom Cez powder coats his Harley softail rear fender using the home built booth and hoven.

The powder coating process from A to Z! From part preparation to the handeling of the gun and all the tips and tricks to get a perfect finish. The in the home made oven... the fender is ready to use in a little less than one hour. After painting Custom Cez goes to see his friend Luca from Marmorata Freedom Machine in Rome to choose the perfect spokes for his build.

 What did we do:

  • part prep
  • part washing and clining
  • wire set up fot suspension and grounding
  • gun prep
  • electromagnetic application of the paint powder
  • curing in the oven

ep 05 01 powder coating with custom cez
ep 05 02 spraying podrer coat
ep 05 03 powder coat at home
ep 05 04 home powder coating
ep 05 05 drilling fender
ep 05 06 home powder coating
ep 05 07powder coated fender

Tags: powder coating, tips, preparation, cleaning

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