02 Home made shock compressor for softail tutorial

In this episode Custom Cez builds a shock compressor for all softail suspensions with just a few bucks worth of materials.

In this video we'll build the compressor using scrap materials and in a little more than 30 minutes. Using some left over metal from other builds and a threaded rod and nuts bought for just a few euros Custom Cez will show you how to build this DIY tool instead of spending 60 bucks to get it in a store.

This is a simple project for anyone that wants to take apart his shock absorbers to fix them or modify them

What do you need:

  • a piece of left over sheet metal
  • a piece of re-bar or steel tubing
  • a 1 inch diameter threaded rod with 2 nuts
  • welder
  • grinder and other tools

ep02 01 home made shock compressor
ep02 02 home shop vise
ep02 03 home shop welding shock compressor
ep02 04 home shop grinding shock compressor
ep02 05 home shop compleated shock compressor

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