20 CNC machining custom Footboards for Harley Davidson

Custom Cez designs ana CNC machines a set of HD Floorboards.

In this episode we'll be making some new custom foot boards using aluminum, copper, brass and a CNC machine.
Available in three models: Loop, Straight and Flame Style with your choice of copper or brass custom engraved medallion.


Click on the images below to get your very own custom footboard for your bike:

After machining the parts are powder coated for a long lasting finish.





 What did we do:

  • Design considerations
  • Work area set up
  • Machining of the aluminum footboard
  • Machining of the copper medallion
  • Machining of the brass medallion
  • Polishing
  • Installation on Harley-Davidson motorcycle

ep 20 13 Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
ep 20 12 two tone  powder coating
ep 20 11  Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
ep 20 10 copper and brass medallions varnishing
ep 20 09 powder coating floorboard
ep 20 08 home made  Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
ep 20 07 cnc engraving copper
ep 20 06 home made cnc working aluminum
ep 20 05 cnc engraving brass
ep 20 04 home made cnc working aluminum
ep 20 03 straight lines  Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
ep 20 02 circles  Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
ep 20 01 flames Haley Davidson floorboard d shape
Foot boards 04[web]
Foot boards 03[web]
Foot boards 02[web]
Foot boards 01[web]
Floor board straight 7[web]
Floor board straight 6[web]
Floor board straight 5[web]
Floor board straight 4[web]
Floor board straight 3[web]
Floor board straight 2[web]
Floor board straight 1[web]
Floor board loop 8 copper[web]
Floor board loop 7 brass[web]
Floor board loop 6 copper[web]
Floor board loop 5 brass[web]
Floor board loop 4[web]
Floor board loop 3[web]
Floor board loop 2 copper[web]
Floor board loop 1 brass[web]
Floor board flame 7 brass[web]
Floor board flame 6 copper[web]
Floor board flame 5 copper[web]
Floor board flame 4 brass[web]
Floor board flame 3 brass[web]
Floor board flame 2 copper[web]
Floor board flame 1 blank copper[web]

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