18 Rebuild an HD CV carburator and float adjustment

Custom Cez rebuilds a Harley Davidson CV Carburetor.

In this episode we tackle the rebuild process of a Harley Davidson CV carburetor utilizing a standard rebuild kit. Ideal for restoration jobs.
From cleaning the carburetor to replacing the o-rings, checking the diaphragm and slide to explaining the theory behind the float adjustment. We are also building a simple tool to keep the carburetor at 15 degrees for the float measurement.


What did we do:

  • carburetor disassemble from motorcycle
  • disassemble of diaphragm, spring and slide (vacuum piston)
  • diaphragm replacement
  • check diaphragm for damage
  • slide cleaning and finish
  • o-ring and gasket replacement
  • bowl and diaphragm disassemble
  • jets cleaning
  • float disassemble
  • fuel valve replacement
  • float adjustment
  • carburetor assembly

ep 18 01 Rebuild an HD CV carburator and float adjustment
ep 18 02 cv carburetor jets harley davidson
ep 18 03 cv carburetor float harley davidson
ep 18 04 cv carburetor harley davidson
ep 18 05 harley davidson  cv carburetor install
ep 18 06 cv carburetor accellerator pump
ep 18 07 cv carburetor diaphragm check
ep 18 08 harley carburetor spring
ep 18 09 harley davidson carb pilot main jet
ep 18 10 main jet cv carburetor
ep 18 11 cv carb priming accelerator pump
ep 18 12 cv carb harley float
ep 18 13 cv carb float adjustment position diagram
ep 18 14 float adjustment pin cv carburetor
ep 18 15 cv carb float adjustment position
ep 18 16  kid working on motorcycle
ep 18 17 cv carburetor rebuild kit
ep 18 18 cv carburetor diaphragm installation
ep 18 19 harley cv carb slide

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