Shooting range special - 44 magnum mon amour

Custom Cez and his first time experience shooting a bunch of guns! From a Glock to a 44 magnum.

In episode 9, Harley EVO engine assembly, you didn't see all that happened at the shooting range.
In this special episode you'll be able to see the footage that didn't make the cut for the main episode and witness the beloved Roma Custom Bike logo under severe fire power.
It is with great surprise that Custom Cez, at his first shooting experience, unloads his first clip entirely on the target... could he be a natural born killer unknowingly?


  • Smith & Wesson Remington 44 Magnum mod.29
  • Glock, caliber 9x21
  • Cot Python 357 Magnum
  • Beretta caliber 9 corto mod.39 from 1942

Ep09 01a Shooting Range
Ep09 16 Bullets
Ep09 17 44 Magnum Gun
Ep09 18 Beretta
Ep09 19 Python 357
Ep09 20 Custom Cez
Ep09 21 Custom Cez
Ep09 22 Custom Cez
Ep09 23 Shooting Range
Ep09 24 Glok
Ep09 25 Custom Cez 44 Magnum
Ep09 26 Luca Vanno
Ep09 27 Python 357
Ep09 28 Luca Vanno
Ep09 29 Python 357
Ep09 30 Custom Cez Luca Vanno

Tags: Special, guns

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