09 Harley Davidson EVO engine rebuild - The Assembly

Custom Cez puts the Harley Davidson EVO engine back together in this assembly tutorial.

In this episode they will install the pistons, replace the gaskets, adjust the adjustable push rods, install the cylinders, and tighten everything up with a torque wrench.
At the end of the hard work they have an "explosive" surprise to let loose and celebrate, a visit at the shooting range where Custom Cez will shoot for the first time a bunch of awesome guns. From the glock, to the beretta to the 357 magnum to the mother of all guns, the mighty Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum.

You can find an uncut extended version of the shooting range visit in the Shooting Range Special!


 What did we do:

  • old gasket removal
  • tappet removal
  • piston ring assembly
  • piston installation
  • gasket installation
  • cylinder installation
  • heads installation
  • torquing all bolts with torque wrench
  • adjustable push rods installation
  • push rod adjustment
  • rocker cover installation
  • push rod covers installation

Torque specifications for HD FXS EVO engine from 1986 on

Here is the torquing and locking sequence chart for Harley Davidson EVO engines.

Torque secifications Eng

ep09 01 Harley Davidson EVO engine rebuild
ep09 01a shooting range
ep09 02engine gasket removal
ep09 03 harley tappets replacement
ep09 04 harley pushrods adjustment
ep09 05 wiseco piston ring
ep09 06 harley engine piston installation
ep09 07 harley davidson cylinder installation
ep09 08 harley davidson criss cross pattern engine
ep09 09 harley heads torque wrench
ep09 10 harley head installation
ep09 11 harley evo engine rebuild
ep09 12 harley pushrod adjustment
ep09 13 adjustable pushrod installation
ep09 14 custom cez
ep09 15 custom cez luca vanno
ep09 16 bullets
ep09 17 44 magnum gun
ep09 18 beretta
ep09 19 python 357
ep09 20 custom cez
ep09 21 custom cez
ep09 22 custom cez
ep09 23 shooting range
ep09 24 glok
ep09 25 custom cez 44 magnum
ep09 26 luca vanno
ep09 27 python 357
ep09 28 luca vanno
ep09 29 python 357
ep09 30 custom cez luca vanno

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