Harley Davidson 110 Anniversary Special in Rome

Custom Cez checks out 2013 110th Harley Davidson anniversary in Rome and interview to Asso Special Bike.

Thousands of bikers from all over Europe and the world have come to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Milwaukee brand.
In this special episode Custom Cez interviews Filippo Valori and Carlo Colombo from Asso Special Bike ant takes a look at their bikes that won 1st and 2nd place at this bike show.


ep 05s 01 Roma Custom Bike
ep 05s 02 Harley Davidson Filippo Valori
ep 05s 03 Filippo Valori Carlo Colombo Asppo Special
ep 05s 04 Custom Cez
ep 05s 05 FIlippo Valori
ep 05s 06 Harley Davidson Filippo Valori
ep 05s 08 Custom Cez Polsky Rage
ep 05s 09 CUstom Cez

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