03 How to restore and rebuild a springer fork tutorial

In this episode Custom Cez builds a shock compressor for all softail suspensions with just a few bucks worth of materials.

Part 1 - Disassemble

Disassemble begins with the front wheel and rocker arm. Continues with the compression of the springs, separation of the movable fork from the rigid one all the way to the steering bearings.
In this episode: Special Guest Janusz "Polsky Rage" Wilczek

 What did we do:

  • head light removal
  • front fender and wheel removal
  • home build of "springer" springs compression tool
  • shock absorber and springs disassemble
  • rocker arm disassemble
  • forks removal

Part 2 - Assembly

The assembly starts with the two front forks, rocker arm assembly, springs compression and installation and a nice graphic tutorial on how to adjust the steering.

What did we do:

  • forks assembly
  • rocker arm assembly
  • front suspension system assembly
  • front fender and wheel installation
  • head light installation

ep 03 01 springer rebuild
ep 03 02 springer rebuild front fork
ep 03 03 springer forks compression tool home made
ep 03 04 springer rebuild
ep 03 05springer rebuild disassembly
ep 03 06 springer rebuild rocker
ep 03 07 springer rebuild front fork
ep 03 08 springer rebuild rigid fork
ep 03 09 springer rebuild

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