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33 - Triumph Boneville DIY universal forward controls

In this episode we’ll install some homemade DIY forward controls on a TRIUMPH Bonneville.

Starting form a universal forward controls kit, Custom Cez and Polsky Rage will create a metal structure from scratch to support the controls in the new location and replace the central positioning of this Triumph model.

PART 1 – Building the structure and the forwarding of the brake side:
The guys start with building the metal structure that will be bolted to the TRIUMPH Bonneville frame using some 18 millimeters in diameter cold rolled steel stock and some 8 millimeters thick steel plates.
While for the shift the transfer of motion is taken care of by a piece of metal rod, for the brake side Custom Cez and Polsky Rage decide to move the all assembly to the new position: the lever, the pump and the reservoir.

What did we do:

  • Adaptation of the universal forward controls
  • Fabrication of the holding structure
  • Welding of all the parts
  • Relocation of the brake lever, pump and reservoir
PART 2 – Forwarding of the shift lever, details and brake bleeding:
In part 2 of the installation and adaptation of a universal forward control kit on a TRIUMPH Bonneville the guys take care of the gear shift lever and the transfer of motion from the new location to the gear box. Custom Cez powder coats all the fabricated parts using the powders from
The electrical system also needs to be modified to accommodate for the new custom forward controls and once everything is nice and tight Custom Cez shows how to bleed the braked to obtain a tight and efficient brake action.

DIY forward controls 00
DIY forward controls 01
DIY forward controls 03
DIY forward controls 04
DIY forward controls 05
DIY forward controls 06
DIY forward controls 07
DIY forward controls 08
DIY forward controls 09
DIY forward controls 10
DIY forward controls 11
DIY forward controls 12
DIY forward controls 13
DIY forward controls 14
DIY forward controls 15
DIY forward controls 16
DIY forward controls 17
DIY forward controls 18
DIY forward controls 19
DIY forward controls 20
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Tags: metal foundry, forge, aluminum

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