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22-25 Triumph Project - Speed Triple Special Custom

Creation of a Triumph Speed Triple project. A custom bike from beginning to end.

Custom Cez partners up with Cristian Laoreti from CriArt (creator of Custom Cez's gas tank paint job in this episode) and they attempt in the creation of this new project, a Triumph Speed Triple special custom.
Since I'll be documenting the project from beginning to end I've decided to divide the process into four main sections:

SECTION 1 - Body WOrk

we will document the body work, so the creation of the tail out of sheet metal.


What did we do:

  • disassembly of all the speed triple plastic parts
  • removal of the tail's electrical system
  • scheduling of all modifications
  • Speed Triple tail shortening , transformation one seater
  • cardboard shaping of the tail, muck up
  • sheet metal work
  • shrinker and stretcher techniques for 3d compound shaping
  • bending sheet metal
  • welding sheet metal


we take care of the design and machining of the new parts for this project, made out of billet aluminum. We'll start with some considerations on the design and CNC limitation and proceed with the creation of a few parts from the design to the finished product.

 What did we do:

  • design in 3d software of parts
  • concepts of extrusion and subtraction of solids
  • considerationof CNC machine limitations
  • machining of new parts
  • cleaning and finishing of the newly made parts
  • assembly

Section 3 - Part 1 & 2 - THE electronics

will be all about the electronics needed to power the new parts, including the replacement of the existing instrument cluster.

 What did we do:

  • arduino programming
  • pcb design considerations
  • cnc machining of pcb boards for prototyping purposes
  • powder coating of the accessories
  • pcb assembly 
  • Lake Champlain ride
  • North Brooksfield High School lecture
  • pcb waterproofing with conformal coating

Section 4 - Part 1 & 2 - Painting and assembly

and finally, in this 4th and final SECTION we'll take care of painting, assembly and unveiling in front of the bike's owner... hopefully he'll like it!

 What did we do:

  • Altering and modify the original seat pan
  • modelling of the seat foam
  • installation of the seat cover
  • handlebar replacement (dragster)
  • raisers replacement
  • matte and glossy black paint job
  • fiberglass custom front fairing
  • istallation of Daytona Arsura instrument cluster

ep 22 01 triumph speed triple body work tail
ep 24 01 triumph speed triple custom made tail lights
ep 24 02 triumph speed triple custom made tail lights
ep 24 03 arduino based tail light motorcycle
ep 24 04 water proofing circuitry
ep 24 05 custom cez roma custom bike
ep 24 06 custom cez lecture
ep 24 07 vermont on harley davidson
ep 24 08 triumph speed triple custom made light
ep 24 09 cnc circuit board
ep 24 10
ep 24 11 poder coating aluminum
ep 24 12 triumph speed triple custom made arduin tail light
ep 24 13 triumph speed triple custom lights
ep 24 14 arduino on motorcycle
ep 24 15 triumph speed triple custom tail light
ep 25 03 welding plastic
ep 25 04 bending plastic
ep 25 05 triumph speed triple adapting the seat
ep 25 06 gian mario
ep 25 07 triumph speed triple airbrushing the frame
ep 25 08 triumph speed triple custom paint job airbrush
ep 25 09 triumph speed triple custom paint job criart
ep 25 10 triumph custom paint
ep 25 11 speed triple custom paint
ep 25 12 triumph speed triple custom head light
ep 25 13 triumph speed triple custom made tail
ep 25 14 triumph speed triple
ep 25 15 triumph speed triple by custom cez and criart
ep 25 16 triumph speed triple by custom cez and criart
ep 25 17 custom cez triumph speed triple
ep 25 18 criart custom triumph spedd triple
ep 25 19 criart fro roma custom bike
ep 25 20 speed triple
ep 25 21 custom cez triumph speed triple
ep 25 22 custom cez triumph speed triple
ep 25 23 custom cez triumph speed triple
ep 25 24 custom triumph speed triple
ep 25 25 custom triumph speed triple

Tags: motorcycle, tutorial, triumph, speed triple, fabrication

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