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11 Home powder coating, CNC and DIY tools

Custom Cez explains how he made his home shop, the powder coating system and some diy tools.

From the "how to" make an home made powder coating oven and the spray booth, how he modified his Stepfour Basic 540 wood CNC to be able to handle aluminum and implement a liquid cooling and lubricating system for under 100 Euros.

At the end of the episode the second part of the interview with Jake Cuttler of  Barnstorm Cycles.

Click here to see the extended uncut version in the Barnstorm Cycles Special.

 What did we do:

  • DIY work bench
  • DIY sheet metal bender
  • Body hammers
  • Sheet metal working mallet
  • Shrinker and stretcher
  • DIY powder coating spray booth
  • DIY powder coating oven
  • Step four Basic 540 CNC modifications
  • DIY liquid cooling and lubrication system for CNC machine
  • DIY liquid cooling filter
  • DIY CNC cart for recycling of cooling liquid


ep11 01 diy tools
ep11 02 custom cez
ep11 03 shrinker and stratcher
ep11 04 custom cez
ep11 05 diy tools shrinker stratcher
ep11 06 powder coating diy booth
ep11 07 powder coating diy oven
ep11 08 diy cnc tips
ep11 09 diy tool cooling system
ep11 10 Jake Barnstorm Cycles
ep11 11 Barnstorm custom bike
ep11 12 rat bike
ep11 13 low rider
ep11 14 custom bike rat
ep11 15 custom leaf string suspension
ep11 16 custom fosset fuel petcock
ep11 17 custom gas tank
ep11 18 custom gas tank

Tags: Harley, Davidson, powder coating, cnc, Barnstorm Cycles, DIY, tools

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